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New Release – Guide to Copyrights & Trademarks for CryptoCreatives

January 15, 2019

This guide is intended to introduce basic contract, copyright and trademark concepts for the benefit of creatives in the crypto community. It covers the art and music market, provides an introduction to contracts and smart contracts, and briefly explains copyright and trademarks.

Available on Amazon.


Technology News – Token Taxonomy Act

January 8, 2019

On December 20, 2018, Representatives Warren Davidson and Darren Soto of Ohio and Florida, respectively, introduced a bill H.R. 7356, entitled the “Token Taxonomy Act.” For those following the legal issues related to digital assets and tokens, this bill attempts to adequately distinguish digital assets commonly called “security tokens” from non-security tokens as well as provide a safe harbor for digital asset holders who find that the SEC has determined that their tokens qualify as securities.

The bill defines a digital token as follows:

(20) DIGITAL TOKEN.—The term ‘digital token’ means a digital unit that—

(A) is created—

(i) in response to the verification or collection of proposed transactions;

(ii) pursuant to rules for the digital unit’s creation and supply that cannot be altered by a single person or group of persons under common control; or

(iii) as an initial allocation of digital units that will otherwise be created in accordance with clause (i) or (ii);

(B) has a transaction history that—

(i) is recorded in a distributed, digital ledger or digital data structure in which consensus is achieved through a mathematically verifiable process; and

(ii) after consensus is reached, cannot be materially altered by a single person or group of persons under common control;

(C) is capable of being traded or transferred between persons without an intermediate custodian; and

(D) is not a representation of a financial interest in a company, including an ownership or debt interest or revenue share.

A digital unit is defined as follows:

(21) DIGITAL UNIT.—The term ‘digital unit’ means a representation of economic, proprietary, or access rights that is stored in a computer-readable format.

The proposed bill recommends gross income exemptions with regard to virtual currency transactions if the exchange is an exchange of virtual currency for something other than cash or cash equivalents so long as the exchange is valued at less than $600.

The bill recommends amendments to the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as well as the IRS Code of 1986, among others.

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The Enduring Legacy of Henry Manne: A Review of the 2016 Law & Economics Center Conference by Theodore A. Gebhard

January 28, 2016

Post by friend and colleague about the Fifth Annual Henry G. Manne Law & Economics Conference at GMU.

Vienna Woods Law & Economics

On Friday, January 22, I attended the Fifth Annual Henry G. Manne Law & Economics Conference, which was sponsored by the Law & Economics Center at George Mason University.  The Conference was held in conjunction with the Twelfth Annual Symposium of the Journal of Law, Economics, & Policy, a publication of the GMU School of Law.  This year’s Conference was entitled, “The Enduring Legacy of Henry G. Manne,” and featured three panels of academic experts, all of whose research draws substantially on the work of the late Henry Manne.  Manne was the long time Dean of the Law School, and a trailblazing scholar of corporate governance and corporate finance.

Regrettably, owing to inclement weather, the day’s program had to be truncated, including dropping the scheduled Key Note luncheon speech by former Securities and Exchange Commission commissioner, Kathleen Casey.  Even under the shortened time frame, however, the panel…

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The George Washington University and the Corcoran

March 13, 2014

Last month, George Washington University, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Corcoran College of Art + Design, and the National Gallery of Art proposed a collaboration amongst them. The history between GWU and the Corcoran is worth noting. The founder of the Corcoran Gallery, William Wilson Corcoran, was president of GW’s Board of Trustees from 1869 until 1872, and he founded the school, called the Corcoran Scientific School in 1884.

William Wilson Corcoran

William Wilson Corcoran

The Corcoran Scientific School is now the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.